Arabic is the first language of learning in all government or public schools while English is considered as the second vocabulary. On the other hand only English is used in every the private colleges for learning and other purposes.

A clear and well directed Dubai education policy is making it certain that information technology should be accessible at all levels. The policy further recommends that there should be a computer at least for every ten kindergarten students, for each five primary class students and for every secondary school student.

Studying in Dubai is worthy, reliable and creditable now as number of internationally acclaimed and accredited colleges have been opened in and around Dubai. A vast and gigantic piece of land in the outskirts of Dubai has been dedicated for establishing an education city and the place has been named as Dubai Education City. All the available facilities has been provided to this area and universities and colleges such as Zayed University, American College of the Emirates, American University or college of the Emirates, Al Ghurair College or university, French Fashion School, Murdoch University, SZABIST, University or college of Waterloo, National Institute for Vocational Education, HCT Dubai Men’s University and Hamdan e TQM University are already working here. Moreover according to an estimate, around 40,000 students are expected to enroll and study at 40 different institutes by the end of year 2015 at Dubai Academic City.

Apart from the normal traditional education, the state is also focusing on availability of technical education. Dubai is having colleges and universities that are offering education in areas like Islamic teachings, law, hospitality, aviation, agriculture, medical and cosmetic surgery, engineering and management sciences.